Security & Privacy

Being a PCI compliant company, we employ the highest level of security standards for the absolute privacy of our customers. The data collected on remains secured at all times with our high protection firewall technology.

Your Privacy is our Priority

We commit to protect and safeguard your information and privacy. We have put in place the highest standards for protection of sensitive information. The policy elaborates on the kind of data we collect and the reasons behind collecting it and with whom is it shared.
Below is the type of data we collect:

  • ● Name, phone number, physical address (and postal address) and email address.
  • ● We may also require your gender, age, income.
  • ● Credit card number, credit card holder name, CVV, expiration date along with other essential details required for internet banking transactions.
  • ● To make your shopping experience even more delightful and automated, we might request details of your previous orders including the pricing and transactions.
  • ● We shall also collect the IP address, browser type and language, date and time of order placement.
  • ● We shall also collect details about third-party sign-ins for accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • ● An email communication may be requested to initiate a user's query about products or for redressal of complaints.
To enquire more about our privacy policy, please reach out to our customer support team.

Usage & Sharing of Information

We only collect our user’s data to provide our clients and customers with the best products. True Living does not sell, share or transfer the information to any third parties.

  • ● Our associates and affiliates may use your information.
  • ● In case of merger or acquisitions, the involved businesses may use your information.
  • ● The demographic details may also be used by marketing and business divisions.
  • ● The information may be used to help us to improvise the shopping experience for our users. We also use cookies and store your search history, cart details, etc.
  • ● Your contact information may be used to update you about the upcoming offers and ongoing deals. However, you may unsubscribe to the list.
  • ● We shall use traffic flow and session login details to better understand our consumer behaviour and buying patterns. The time spent by the user is also determined using the traffic source information and IP address.
  • ● In case of legal information, regulatory or statutory obligations, we may be using user information. Information might also be used to protect our services from abuse and avoid violation of third parties, etc.

Cookie Policy

True Living uses cookies to provide our users with a more tailored shopping experience. While using the website, you would be providing us with the consent of using the cookies unless you change the settings.

User Consent

When you fill in the details on the website, you agree to our privacy policy and thereby allow us to use the information as aforementioned. For those users who are not comfortable with the policy should avoid using the website. You could also unsubscribe from our mailing list in future.

More Information

In case of further queries regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Support.

Note: The privacy policy of may be subject to change at any point in time, thereby leading to inclusion or exclusion of terms and conditions. Hence, users are advised to stay abreast of the policy regularly. The privacy policy prescribed above doesn’t govern our affiliates, partners and other third party associates — there is a different privacy statement in place for these parties.