Surender S. Jodha

A celebrated furniture maven across the industry, Surender.S.Jodha, one of the co-founders of True Living is a graduate with over 16 years of experience in the wooden industry. For him, the furniture will always be his second love after his family. However, his dedication and passion for his work make his family and friends say that furniture will always be his first and forever love. Surender has amassed world-class and industry-leading experience in furniture designing, development and international sales across the European geographies.

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about us

Peter Fodera

Hailing from Germany, Peter is a powerhouse of energy and ideas when it comes to artistic furniture, aesthetic home decor and world-class furnishings. Apart from his infectious smile and enthusiasm, his breakthrough ideas and modern and innovative concepts have contributed to making True Living a one-stop destination for problem-solving pieces of furniture and more.

Rishi Deo Loyal

Rishi is a passionate furniture curator, an avid traveller and an absolute gearhead. He has been in this dynamic industry of furniture and furnishings for over a decade now. He brings his priceless experiences and contemporary knowledge to the table, thereby making True Living an exceptional dream-come-true project crafting furniture that befits the modern homes of today.

about us

Our Tribute

From the moment you were hired, you’ve been an integral part of our team’s success. We have never had to worry about the quality of your work, and we knew we could count on you to finish the toughest assignments. It was a privilege to work with you. Your willingness to help others with problems demonstrated your natural leadership skills.

Few people are as reliable, hard-working, and creative as you are. You were a boss’s dream employee. Your absence will be hard to overcome. Not everyone makes a lasting mark in their workplace. You have done. All the other employees has tried to follow your lead. you have truly been a pillar of True Living. It is going to be very challenging to find someone to fill your role.

Your constant professionalism and can-do attitude will be surely missed.

Pooja Sisodiya